The Center Eucharistia was founded by the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, a religious institute of the Roman Catholic Church.

It has its office at:

Office location: Largo XXI Aprile 7a

Postal address: Via G.B. de Rossi 46
00161 Rome, Italy

Tel. [39] 06 622 88 559
Fax [39] 06 622 88 547

An exploratory, interdisciplinary Colloquium, held in Rome from the 5th to the 6th May, 1996, which gathered a distinguished group of experts from around the world, laid the groundwork of the project and recommended its establishment.

Its aim is to promote research and pastoral action in order to foster in God's people a way of life penetrated and shaped by the Eucharist.

It endeavours to bring together those engaged in research and renewal in disciplines related to the Eucharist, especially liturgy, theology, and spirituality.

The work of the Center is carried out in a collaborative, interdisciplinary and ecumenical (as well as inter-religious) spirit, taking account of the riches of cultural diversity characteristic of the contemporary world.

The Center does not wish to enter into competition with existing bodies or double what is already being done. Rather, it seeks to promote collaboration and exchange, especially by bringing competent persons together for conversation and debate.

Use is to be made of Colloquia and other forms of exchange of views/approaches etc., and, according to its means, the Center will undertake a variety of projects, including the fostering of research and, on occasion, the publication of scientific studies and pastoral instruments.